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Business logic as a service

Faster time to market, simplified access to new platforms, and increased developer productivity. We’ll help your dev team launch projects roughly 4 times faster than programming all business logic from square one.

Simple infrastructure for complex functionality

Business logic online is the essential content management infrastructure for your interactive content. It turns any complex Excel spreadsheet into a microservice that can be used in solutions across different platforms.

Excel spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet published as API

Simplified examples of API implementation

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# A B C D E F G H I
1 Goal:
2 Deadline:
3 Bank rate: 1,5%
5 Save monthly:

curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token:727553b1062845b4865dcbcee130051c" -d '{"goal":10000,"deadline":2020}'

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Any complex Excel spreadsheet model can be published as a JSON based REST service. You can develop an app for any device to interact with your business logic.

It takes three simple steps

Normally you would model your business logic in Excel where you can have your business data, your calculation formulas and charts. Development team don't normally work with Excel, so it will require close collaboration and multiple iterations to implement your business logic online, both for the first time and each time you need to do any adjustments. See how simple it can get:


1. You upload Excel spreadsheet with all your calculations, data and formulas to

2. You decide which Excel cells are input and output and publish your Excel business logic as a webservice.

3. Your development team can now connect to your business logic from across different platforms.

1 2 3




Key benefits

Business logic online helps you eliminate time wasted in between development processes and cross unit collaboration.

Faster development

Faster development

Eliminate time consuming and tedious business logic programming and use logic already built into Excel spreadsheets.

Faster development

Better collaboration

Make business units active participants in the development process by using their Excel spreadsheet models.

Faster development

Easier maintenance

Any business logic update is done by business units in spreadsheet format. Development teams don’t have to be involved in maintenance.

A powerful admin interface

Manage, test and update business logic online. No coding required.

Be ready, we are launching soon!

Soon we will launch business logic platform where you can save time programming and testing business logic. Subscribe for special offer and access immediately when we go live. Join our Messenger Chat to get notifications.



Do you want to try it today?

Business logic online is already in beta, if you want to try and use it before the official launch you can do it by providing a little more data about yourself.